Friday, July 20, 2012

Funky Friday- Rock and Roll Jewelry

For any rock star, jewelry is essential in creating that punky, funky, outrageous aesthetic that works so well onstage. But you don't have to be a rock star or an on-stage performer to incorporate some rock-and-roll jewelry into your wardrobe. Spikes, skulls, gunmetal, and pyramid studs are trending in the fashion jewelry world. 

If you're afraid to get noticed, this look isn't for you.  But I know that if you're interested in fashion, you are most likely interested in expressing yourself through your own clothing-and WANT to get noticed for your style savvy.

So why not try out some rock star jewels when you hit the town this Friday night? Just make sure you pair your rocker-chic accessories with clothes that are blank canvases. We want all eyes on us, but let's allow the jewelry to be the star of the show.

Etsy- Byuma Shop

Etsy- SaritaChakita Shop


 Etsy- SkullHouseJewlery Shop

 Etsy-SkyLineJewelry Shop

 Etsy- Xanadulady Shop

Pyramid Studs:
 Forever 21

Etsy- AsteraLeather Shop

Wear Your Jewels With:
Blank Canvases
  Victoria's Secret

 Forever 21


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  1. I need rock n roll jewelry so bad! The first necklace is perfection! And super reasonably priced! Good finds!!