Friday, July 6, 2012

Freaky Friday - Tattoos as Accessories

I must admit, I LOVE tattoos! I don’t think they are for everybody, but some people can really pull them off!

Fashion, too, seems to love tattoos. They are increasingly being seen in editorials and ads, being used as inspiration, and being acceptable, and sometimes encouraged, on models for print or runway!

For Freaky Friday, I obviously decided to highlight tattoos. The vibes they give off are undeniable; attitude, fun, sex, hot, dirty…so many words go through my mind! I’d especially like to point out a few models who really embody this vibe and how tats can be used as accessories to make an outfit that much better! Tattoos may be permanent (so perhaps you should think hard?), but who cares to think about that right now?? These models are hot!

Ash Stymest – 20 – England


Josh Beech – 26 – England

Plain clothing can be taken to the next level with some tattoos! Would a jean vest be acceptable without them? How about leather pants? And look how Ash’s hand tattoo and cigarette changes his image in a suede coat! Guys with tattoos are all over fashion these days, and I think it’s the inspired vibe that they give off; a no care attitude that’s always edgy and still chic!

Marina Dias – 36 – Brazil

A pretty lady in pearls and white has been seen before, no? But Marina kicks it up a notch with beautifully colored tats under all of her garments. She has a very gritty and sexy vibe in all of her clothing, but her beauty is undeniable! I love how the colors can work with outfits and shine through to make a garment that much more special! It looks great next to a patterned dress and hat!

Do you have any tattoo ideas that you’d love to get? Where would you get them and how would you incorporate it into YOUR look??


P.S. - Oh, and I guess I'll show my own tiny wrist tattoo! It's the perfect accessory when you're avoiding pictures!! I want more...

[ Images courtesy of FuckYeahAsh, FeedThemToPigs, HeroByNight, JobMix,

Latina Art Museum,,, TheBostonBazaar, TheFashionisto, WeLoveModels, Xsgii ]

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  1. you should show off the tattoo you got with me!! ahaha

    1. I don't know what you're talking about! ;)

  2. ahah great source of inspiration!

  3. Love this post-- tattoos make such great accessories!

    1. Want to go get one together? I definitely need more! :)