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Magazine Monday - Spotlighting LUCKY August 2012

It's Magazine Monday time! Today, I'm featuring Lucky's August 2012 issue!

Kelly Clarkson looks super cute on the cover and she looks so thin! I wish that they styled her a bit more summery (it's kind of fall?) but she still looks good soo...

Anyway, it's Lucky Magazine's first music and fashion issue! Like last week, I love marrying the two and seeing how artists incorporate their music with their look. The spread "Off the Charts" features female artists giving their style tips and what makes them so fierce! I love this spread and the girls look gorgeous! (Page 98)


"When I go swimming, I wear those old-timey bathing suits-they don't ride up your butt! I'm so happy they're in style again."
~Norah Jones~

I live for her music and easy/cool style!

"I still wear door-knocker earrings. To me, they never went out of style."

She's always been so stunning, and I love her glamorous/funky style.

"Nashville's getting a Nordstrom!...I feel like I won the lottery!"
~Hillary Scott~

I love how she wears the perfect things to compliment her body! She always looks cute and chic.

"At my age, I'm a little embarrassed to go into Forever 21, but I still do it! I love those teen stores."
~Shirley Manson~

She's always been a little dark, yet always pretty and interesting! This outfit is so amazing, I can't!

On Vintage Shopping: "It's overwhelming, so go with a friend who'll ask you exactly where you'll wear that crazy hot pink dress."
~Carly Rae Jepsen~

I won't lie, I'm not the biggest fan of the song "Call Me Maybe," but I'm falling in love with her! Are you kidding me with that Nanette Lepore red lace blouse? And the accessories are all so interesting and gorgeous and work perfectly together! Plus, she gives sound advice!

"I always perform in American Apparel Disco Pants. They're high-waisted, skinny, and shiny. When I wear, them I feel like Olivia Newton-John in Grease! Also, they don't show sweat-that's TMI, I know."
~Amy Heidemann of Karmin~

I love her vintage feel and perfectly put together looks! Her body is pretty sick and she's gorgeous, so she can pull all of these outfits off seamlessly. Definitely a future modern-vintage icon in fashion!


Another awesome feature is the 15 Amazing Figure Fixers! It's a great guide for the best things to do to feel confident in your clothing while not feeling so confident about your body. We all have those issues, so I think it's a great piece that gives awesome tips.

Tip 1: Keep a tummy under wraps with a [fitted] menswear blazer.

The boxy nature of a menswear inspired blazer balances your body with clean lines passed the waist! Great advice!

Tip 3: Balance broad shoulders with wide-set straps.

Kind of a weird one, but it totally makes sense! If the straps or neckline goes past your collar bone, it looks more in proportion with your wider shoulders because of the amount of skin being exposed in the middle. This takes away from the fact that your shoulders are wider than you'd like. I know it seems odd, but try it, it should work!

Tip 15: Craft a tiny waist with a wide belt.

This is great advice! It cinches in the waist, give you more shape, and allows you more options that you feel comfortable in! Lucky also says "keep the belt width proportional to your height: The longer your torso, the wider the belt." Makes sense, no? The more torso you have, the more belt you might need to craft that waist!

There are plenty of more great tips in the issue, check it out!

Other great things you'll see in this issue:

~ The best ways to get your menswear for women trend on! (Page 29) ~

~ Dear Lucky, where people mail in questions and Lucky answers! I loved the one about mint scrubs that are effective in cooling the body after a shower! I despise that feeling! (Page 24) ~

~ Funky affordable cardigan options to make your outfit pop, and to be fashionable when you get a little chilly! (Page 53) ~

~ And I couldn't resist putting this out there! A sweepstakes for $10000 shopping spree in Paris? I WOULD DIE. Of course I will enter every day! (Page 113) ~

Another great magazine that piqued my interest! Go check it out, guys! There is a lot in there! Ah, I love my subscriptions...


[ Images courtesy of Lucky ]
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  1. I like this quote: On Vintage Shopping: "It's overwhelming, so go with a friend who'll ask you exactly where you'll wear that crazy hot pink dress." hahaha