Monday, July 9, 2012

Magazine Monday - Spotlighting NYLON June/July 2012

Magazine Monday never gets old! It even inspired me to subscribe to 3 new magazines today! I’ll let you know how that turns out!

Today, I’m spotlighting Nylon’s June/July 2012 issue!

I love Nylon because it incorporates all of pop culture, but in such a fashionable way! It also introduces us to great new music, movies, people, etc. I think fashion encompasses so much, so it’s great to see it intertwined with every form of entertainment!

Plus, that is an awesome cover with Shirley Manson of Garbage! (Oh, the memories! Yes, I own their self titled debut album!) I love her combination looks! Her hair is half tamed, half wild, the dress is half structured, half free flowed. It's so much, yet it works so well!

Nylon has great photographs that are cute, fun, and raw! I loved this swimsuit spread! It’s all about great colors and patterns for swimwear this summer! Check out the great options Nylon offers! (Page 160)

Because I’m a sucker for interesting looks, I stopped on Rye Rye, a up and coming hip-hop artist!

The bubble glasses are what drew me in, and the amazing colors is what kept me interested! I especially LOVE bright yellows on darker skin; the color pops right off and draws all of the attention to you! She’s been around for a while, but she’s starting to blow up, and I can understand why! Her fun style, her sick beats, and catchy songs are ittt! Check out her VEVO and her newest single, Dance below! (Page 166)

Other noteworthy Nylon articles:

- Great sailor style items in pretty blues and yellows! Plus, that watch is so cute!

- Neon Trees headlining the Nylon + Starbuck’s Frappuccino summer music tour! Such a good band! And check out their videos for great fashion moments!

- Rebecca Willa Davis’ report on the avant garde female artist fashion movement, beginning with my favorite, Lady Gaga! Also, look at this amazing illustration by Beata Boucht (Page 108).

- Justin Hollar’s article on Regina Spektor, “Against the Grain,” which focuses on Spektor’s unique and independent approach to her own career. I love her and her style! So cute (Page 116).

Music and fashion? What could be better!?

What articles are you loving this Magazine Monday?


[ Images courtesy of NYLON ]

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