Friday, July 20, 2012

Funky Friday - Staci Sherri

Yes, I changed the name this week! I couldn't resist! One of my favorite things about blogging is coming across fashion related things that I've never heard of before! Thankfully, publicist, Nichole Bess (@248PR) mentioned she had a client that I might be interested in, and that I was!

There are many ways to describe Staci Sherri's style - funky, fun, fresh - (and even a little freaky!) Her designs are pretty, cool, well thought out, and interesting!

AW 2011 "Sport" Collection :::

I love the strength in this collection, mixed with the comfort and the ideas behind it. Staci is inspired by just about anything (as am I) and used her love of sports and lines to create these really cool pieces. My favorite look is the "MJS Boyfriend" shirt dress! Cuffing the sleeves in the middle totally takes the dress to the next level; strong, yet so cute!

Summer 2012 "Remix" Collection :::

These are perfect summer dresses! The very trendy colorful prints with cut outs look great on many body types! And they're super affordable! (You can get them on her site now!)

AW 2012 :::

This collection has so much to offer, I'm dying!! I'm a big fan of color blocking, and I love how she incorporated colored PRINT blocking. I love the dye fade look of some of the cheetah prints and I think the strong structured dresses are perfect for fall! They're funky and interesting, yet still wearable in the right places! And of course, I love that she adds monochromes, as I'm a big black and white enthusiast!

I was at the venue where Staci Sherri showed in 2011 to help out with NYFW. Brings back memories! I wish I went this year; I could have met Miss Sherri and got a better look at these gems!

Each collection has it's own voice and shows what Sherri has to offer!

What's your favorite Staci Sherri look?

Don't forget to head over to her personal page HERE!

Keep it funky... And of course, freaky, this Friday!


[ Images courtesy of Staci Sherri and Revenge Fashion Magazine ]
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  1. I am in LOVE with the remix collection! She takes the bodycon concept to the next level with highly conceptualized cuts and colors. The multicolor fringe dress is my favorite! Its fresh and modern, and I definitely get the confident, sexy and modest vibe without feeling like I'm looking at my mother's closet from the 60's (not that there's anything wrong with vintage XD )

  2. Loving the pink ombre leopard and color blocking with leopard--so genius!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. I need the first look with the hood and the fringe dress. IN LOVE! <3

  4. I love the sport collection's velvety ensembles! So cute!

    T xx