Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Necessary Accessories

This Thrifty Thursday, I'm focusing on accessories!

I was in desperate need of new things to spice up my outfits, so these accessories will help me out a lot!

Lucky for me, Topman had a free shipping event last week and I took full advantage of that! One thing that does annoy me about Topman is that they will list items on their site that they run out of stock of, which is really misleading and annoying! But, overall, I think they have great sales and decent clothing! Most importantly, they carry my size!

I'm really excited about the shoes, because they definitely can add something more to an outfit. I haven't received my order from Topman yet, so I'm hoping the colors are true to the pictures that I ordered from! I'm normally not disappointed with them, so I'm sure they'll be great!

I was in DESPERATE need of a good wallet, and I'm so excited about this one! Ever since losing my Monster Yak Pak wallet, I've been forced to use a very old brown Aeropostale one that is just not a good look. I'm all about cool patterns when you whip out a wallet, so this is perfect!

H&M - Mustard Suspenders - $9.95

I saw these at the last minute on a recent trip to H&M and threw it on Jack's order while he was paying! I NEEDED them! How can you not want mustard suspenders? I can't wait to wear them with my mustard pants, and I'm thinking a dark top to contrast the bold color? We will see! It's definitely going to come in handy for the Fall!

I think these are going to be fun pieces that will enhance my current wardrobe! I definitely want to try to incorporate more accessories, because I realize the potential they can add to a look!

What are your favorite new accessories??


[ Images courtesy of Topman ]
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  1. So glad u got that wallet! Diggin' any ethnic/aztec print right now.

    ▲ Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE

    1. I agree! Can't wait until it arrives! :)

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  3. I love the boots! I need shoes ASAP!

    1. I need to incorporate masculine jewelry into my wardrobe! Find me some at the next festival!!