Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday Funday - DIY: Dip Dye Continued

First off, thanks Christina! What a great post! I'm so excited you'll be posting here and there on great DIY projects!

Anyway, my Twofer Tuesday post really inspired me for the entire week. It reminded me how much I love dyeing and playing with color! I got a few shirts and played.

Rit dye has always been good to me, so I bought a bunch of dyes for playing. I've used both the powder and the liquid, and I don't notice much of a difference. Either works fine!

I work from 2-10pm during the week, so I would spend my mornings running around and then making dye baths in my kitchen sink!

The first shirt I wanted to try different colors, so I started with a lighter teal color for the middle. I left the shirt in the bath for around 20-25 minutes (stirring in between). Once that was done, I cleaned the bath, and made a new one with a royal blue for the bottom. I followed the same steps as above, but left the shirt for a bit longer, so it would really take the color in. The results can be seen below!

The second shirt, I wanted more of an ombre effect. I also wanted the dye to be higher on the shirt. I used a black dye (which smells very weird and like you're inhaling cancer...) because I had never played with it before. For the lighter gray, I dipped the shirt in the dye for less than a minute, and pulled it out quickly. Then I put a little less of the shirt in, let it sit (and stir a bit) for about 5-10 minutes. Finally, I pulled out more of the shirt, and left the bottom in for about 30 minutes so it would take in a lot of dye. It worked out great! I love that shirt!

Remember to wash your clothes separately so they don't ruin the load! I hand washed both of these afterward until the water ran clear.

Anyway, these quick examples show you how easy it is to dip dye and play with your clothes to make them something more special! Dye is super cheap and super easy to use! Go play and show us your results!

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