Monday, July 9, 2012

Magazine Monday-Street Style (Inspiration)

 This Magazine Monday I'm inspired by Street-Style. Many (if not all) of the top magazines have a section dedicated to street-style on their websites.  These girls aren't dressing-to-impress on a red carpet or at a party, they're just looking gorgeous in their everyday lives! I think that we can all learn from these ladies, and use our stylish instincts every day when putting together an outfit-not just when we're going out at night. You never know who's looking!

My favorites:

Photos courtesy of Glamour Magazine's Tumblr:

I love that printed maxi dress! So fun and flirty.

That brown leather skirt is cool and laid-back, but still looks put-together.

I adore prints-on-prints! These colors look amazing together!

A fancy statement necklace glamorizes a basic t-shirt beautifully.
Pink-on-pink looks pretty, but not little-girlish here. The bright skirt is right on trend.

Photos courtesy of Elle Magazine Online-"Street chic" Section:

The little tube top doesn't look slutty when paired with a high-waisted long skirt, and the coral color is beautiful for summer.

This look is warm-weather perfection.  The crochet top paired with a polka-dot skirt is cute but practical.

Finally, this look is reminiscent of grunge, but the draping makes it modern. I especially like the cut-out tank.

I'm in love with these fashionable outfits worn by real girls! I can't wait to use some of their ideas when putting together my outfits this summer. Which look is your favorite?

Elle Michele
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