Monday, July 2, 2012

Magazine Monday - Spotlighting VOGUE July 2012

My favorite thing about Magazine Monday is that I have to take apart a complete magazine and bring my favorite parts to the table! I have to admit that I'm one of those people that page through magazines and just look at the pictures for inspiration. Now, I'm browsing the entire magazine for things that I hope you find inspirational, as well!

Emma Stone covers this month's VOGUE magazine! She looks stunning on the cover; so sultry!

Upon looking at her spread, it's so much more than that. Emma has a unique ability to be super cute and quirky, and be really sexy at the same time. The spread is definitely quirky and super trendy! While there are still pretty pictures of her, I love the playful ones much more. Fun little hats, masculine femininity, and full prints show great trends for the summer, into fall! She looks really cute in all of the looks. (Page 72)

Another eye catcher was the Brazilian Treatment spread.

The futuristic metallics against the natural backdrop is really cool. The models traveling through Brazil showcase the beauty of what the country has to offer. A lucky journalist, Isabel Gillies, describes the surprising call she got to do a piece in Brazil, and report on a luxurious eco-resort! Who wants to go to Bahia?? (Page 94)

Other pieces you'll find in this issue:

- Who doesn't love a great Marc Jacobs ad? They're so wrong, they're right!

- Defining "The New Normal" with Sarah Mower. New shapes are taking over the fashion industry, and I'm always inspired by runway drama! Of course, the conversation can't be complete without highlighting Alexander McQueen's amazing Fall 2012 RTW collection! Ah, Sarah Burton, no one could have taken his place but you! (Page 118)

- A totally off topic conversation about our health. Ginny Graves asks "Could Your Thyroid be Making You Depressed?" and I find it really interesting! (Page 66)

Pick up this great issue, ASAP!


[ Images from VOGUE ]
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  1. I'm in love with Emma Stone! She's gorgeous and looks great in clothes!