Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celeb Saturday - Lady Gaga Style Evolution

This post could go on for pages - there are so many great fashion moments from my favorite, Lady Gaga! Her style has changed throughout the years, but it has always remained edgy, fun, interesting, and entertaining! Remember these moments on this Celeb Saturday! Do you see the changes?

This is how I remember Gaga, crystals hanging from her dress, bubbles around her neck, and hair bows in on her head!

Who doesn't love PVC? Especially when meeting the Queen?

A golden feathered neck brace over a Gaultier dress? Amazing.

I love how conceptual she is.

Head to toe houndstooth!

Gorgeous Alexander McQueen

I love this dress so much. The perfect tiered elegance costume?

Here comes the sun...

I love structure, geometry, and chevrons... A lot!

How amazing is that dress? It's really stunning.

Did you know this dress was from a student designer? Rebecca Short! Lucky girl.

I think her fashion evolution has been really progressive and really cool. She started out with a lot of self (or friend) made outfits and concepts - but now is able to use designer fashions (mixed with her own ideas) and come up with new concepts on how to add her quirk to it. I hope she never loses her costume-esque ways and always continues to push fashion to new levels and gives people inspiration on how to be unique with clothing.

I leave you with my favorite Gaga performance of all time - FLAWLESS :

What are your favorite Lady Gaga fashion moments? What do you think of her fashion evolution?

[ Images courtesy of Grazia UK and InStyle UK ]
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  1. The sun is amazing! I've never seen that before! How does she make a thong and lace look so fashion-forward? I <3 Mother Monster