Friday, July 13, 2012

Freaky Friday - Tokyo Streets

I've always been enthralled by Japanese fashion! I love the lack of fear when dressing for the day. The individualized vibe that the cities of Japan let off is magical! Sometimes, it can get really gimmicky, but other times, it's perfectly freaky!

That why, for Freaky Friday, I'm spotlighting a site I stumbled upon... ! Be inspired by these street style individuals who dare to be different... And create great fashion moments!

This got me thinking... Why are these looks so appealing to me? It inspired me to come up with some tips that I think we can all use for our personal styles!


1) The often dark looks are enhanced with bright pops of color in different areas!

2) Unique hairstyles and make up always add something to the entire ensemble! It alone can be the pop you need to that a look to the next level!

3) Outrageous prints are always well balanced with solids near them! Mixing it up let's the print be appreciated in all it's quirky glory!

4) Grab a friend and be bold together! Sometimes it's intimidating to be different in the world alone! Grab a fun friend, and experiment with looks and take on the world together!

5) Adding touches of your personality makes individual looks! Do you enjoy the beach? Add shells on your necklace! Are you secretly messy? Add a black stocking on one leg, and white on the other to hint at this! Think about your personality and how you can individualize your look!

A lot can be learned from getting a look into different cultures' styles and approaches to fashion!

What do you like best about Japanese fashion?

Which tip do you think you can work into your own style?

Don't forget to check out , it's awesome!


[ Images courtesy of TokyoFashion ]
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  1. This is a great post! I was *just* reading about a jcrew campaign called Hello, World! One of the people profiled was Hilary Tsui (Hong Kong, not Tokyo, but equally cool style sense)She works the brights and the patterns so perfectly!Check her out- I want to try it myself, wish I had a friend that could be bold with me!

    1. Her style is awesome! I love daring to be different! And, it's so true; I get way more bold in a crowd!

  2. Fun post. I quite enjoy the extreme fashions of Japan too.

    The idea of grabbing a friend and being bold together" is a great idea (especially for bloggers who can do a photoshoot from it!)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! They work their looks so well!

  3. I love that first dress and the Marilyn shirt i have a lot of shirts with her face on them but never seen one like that!

    1. I was in LOVE with the white dress with touches of purple.. She looks so ethereal! And isn't that print great? I think putting a crazy print with a small pop of color balances each other out and let's your eye focus on the entire look as opposed to only one stand out piece!

    2. The white and purple look is my fave. I want to put some purple in my hair soooo badly!

  4. Anthony...I think we need to move to Japan!