Friday, July 13, 2012

Freaky Friday-Virtual Mood Board

I am really inspired by designers' mood boards and the idea of a mood board in general.  Combining images into a collage to create a certain mood for inspiration is such an interesting idea.  I think I might make one to hang on my wall for each season to inspire my fashion choices!  But since today is Freaky Friday, I've made a Freaky Friday virtual mood board. If my designer collection was to be called "Freaky Friday", this is what my mood board would look like. Some pictures are fashion-related and some are just spooky. Each picture is freaky in a different way, but together they create a dark, moody atmosphere.

Don't Cover Your Eyes!

All but two of these photographs do not belong to me

Are you in a different mood now? Thinking about grunge, black, and goth? I hope so! Although I won't be creating a collection of clothing inspired by my mood board-I'M still inspired! I'm not naturally moody and dark, but maybe I can add touches of that to my fashion sometimes.

Elle Michele
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  1. Love the idea of a virtual mood board! But that little child is definitely freaking me out!

    These photos remind me of this:

    New motto for #FreakyFriday ? Love!

  2. Loving the Freaky Friday moodboard, got many moodboards knocking about my flat, but none as freaky as these ;)

    1. I need some mood boards in my apartment! Thanks for the comment! :)

  3. That child is creepy.. I love it, and I love grunge goth!! So funny, I'm actually in the process of creating a mood board/inspiration board for a job application. I totally agree with having a mood board in your home..I'll probably do that and change it every month!

    1. I so agree! What a fun idea! Add Mood Board of the Month on your blog! :)

    2. I love that weird child thing! It reminds me of a horror movie and I'm OBSESSED with horror movies. <3 Elle