Monday, July 23, 2012

Magazine Monday- In Style 20% off

In Style Magazine always gives readers insight into the best places to shop and offers discounts for these shops.  While looking for something to feature on Magazine Monday, I came across In Style's recommendation for Much to my delight-this website houses clothing and accessories that are JUST my style-girly with a touch of funky!

In Style says"Want to rock leather shorts, plaid shirts, or an ethnic-print maxidress? Shop this diverse mix of youth-oriented lines". So many pieces are under $50.00 and almost everything is under $100.00. Pretty, fashion-forward, AND affordable? What else can a girl ask for? A discount- that's what! Enter INSTYLE20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order.

Take a look at some of my favorite pieces on the website:

Dress, $46.00

Sweater, $66.00
I especially love this sweater. It looks relaxed and comfortable, but the cut-out sleeves give it some visual interest.

Leggings, $33.00

Top, $39.00

Boots, $69.00
These boots are to die for and can be worn during the summer but will take you into the fall. The metallic is neutral but will give any outfit some punch.

Dress, $42.00

Skinny Pants, $50.00

Top, $33.00

Skirt, $53.00

Top, 37.00

Romper, $46.00

Purse, $38.00

Dress, $47.00
What a pretty dress. White suggests innocence, but the super-short skirt projects subtle sex-appeal.

This website is one of the best online shopping venues  I've discovered so far that targets young women, especially if you have the same sense of style as I do. Such great deals! So if you're in love with one (or all) of the pieces I've shown, make sure you take advantage of that In-Style magazine discount.

Elle Michele
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